Bluebonnets To Peaches

Georgia Barbeque
July 31, 2008, 9:00 pm
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We tried a local barbeque place tonight for dinner.  The whole place was decorated with armadillos and Texas license plates, I felt right at home 🙂  The food was pretty good, Brad said it tasted almost like Spring Creek (his favorite restaurant)!


Learning about Water
July 31, 2008, 8:36 pm
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Today we visited the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.  From the name of the place, I wouldn’t have chosen it as somewhere to take the kids; however, it was featured in a parenting magazine so I decided to give it a try.

The place is not that big, but it does have a fun crab/stingray touching tank for the kids and a very fun interactive H2O room.  The H2O room is all about understanding where water comes from, all the things we use it for and what happens to it after we use it.  Very educational and very hands on. 

There was a group visiting from a local YMCA but after all 120 of them left we had the place to ourselves!  I got to finish reading my parenting magazine while the boys had a ball . . . literally!  There is an exhibit that holds a bunch of blue balls (think a ball pit like at Chuck E Cheese) you can force the balls (representing rain drops) up into a tube (representing vapor) and the balls collect in a cloud above the ball pit.  Once the cloud is full it opens up and all the “rain” falls on whoever is laying in the ball pit.  The boys thought this was great fun and especially liked having the balls fall on mommy 🙂

CVS in Georgia
July 30, 2008, 12:47 pm
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On Sunday I visited a local CVS here in Georgia.  I wasn’t sure what to expect . . . would the store be wiped clean of all the great deals or would there be plenty to choose from? 

As I entered the store the first thing I noticed was the “magic coupon machine”!!!! Whoo hoooo!!!!  My favorite CVS in Texas has not yet received the “magic coupon machine” so this was a first for me!  If you have never seen the coupon machine, you can view the “magic coupon machine” at Alyssa’s blog.  It printed out 3 coupons that I tucked away for future use 🙂  I love this machine!

Next I started to search out my items and I was so excited when they had ALL of the items I wanted!!!!  There were even the free products from the July ECB book!  At my old store the free monthly deals are snatched up the first day of the month so this was a treat!

I can’t wait to see what deals there are for this next week!

A trip to the Nature Center!
July 29, 2008, 2:15 pm
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Yesterday we visited the Chattachoochee Nature Center and it is an awesome place!  The CNC contains many trails to walk along with interesting information along the way.  There is a beautiful butterfly garden that is maintained by a group of volunteer master garderners!  Many of the trails wrap around ponds and you can even take a canoe out on the pond or down the Chattachoochee (no, we didn’t take a canoe out :). 

Here are a few of the pictures I took:

The Chattahoochee River

The Chattahoochee River

You can also choose a backpack loaded with educational goodies for FREE!  The program is sponsored by a federal grant.  You can choose one of 4 different backpacks, we chose the amphibian pack.  It was loaded with books about frogs and salamanders, a cd player with a cd of frog calls, frog life cycle models, frog chorus activity, coloring sheets and nice crayons (not cheap, broken ones)!

This was a fun and inexpensive morning out ($5 adults, $2 for children).  We will probably go back sometime, but next time I will pack a lunch to enjoy and then we can stay longer.  They have a fun calendar that you can view at their website including animal encounters and “night hikes” in October!

July 27, 2008, 2:36 am
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Our first night in Georgia was great!  We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant and when the manager found out we had just moved to Georgia, they brought us out the biggest piece of chocolate cake I’ve ever seen.  I should have taken a picture of it, but I’m new to this blogging thing so I didn’t think about it 🙂  Just take my word for it that it was a beautiful piece of art and it tasted wonderful too!

After dropping the boys and I off at the hotel, hubby went to Kroger to buy a few things.  When he returned he had these in his hand!  Isn’t he a great hubby?!

Friday was a busy day, hubby had his first day at his new office and the boys and I searched out the local Toys R Us.  Granny had given each of the boys gift certificates to spend at Toys R Us once we got to Georgia.  They had a great time picking out a new toy!  Here’s what they got:

So far things are going well.  I’m not sure reality has hit, it still feels like a vacation right now 🙂  Here are a few things I’m thankful for:

  • Happy children 🙂
  • GPS system (by far the best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever bought for hubby)
  • Snacks provided by Grandma for the plane ride (they came in handy when there was another plane at our gate and we had to wait for 15 minutes on “an active runway”)
  • The extra hangers I packed – they never give you enough in the hotels!

We’re Here!
July 25, 2008, 1:59 am
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We made it to Georgia!

Now, I know you are all wondering how much luggage it takes when you are going to be gone for a month, so here’s a picture

In case you want the breakdown, here it is: 9 pieces of luggage, 1 car seat bag (not pictured), 1 small duffle bag, 1 laptop and 2 children backpacks.  We could have purchased another airline ticket for what we paid in luggage charges!  We were quite a site making our way through the airport with all of our luggage, but we made it! 

Nick’s favorite part of the airport were the self-flushing toilets!  After watching it flush all by itself he exclaimed “That’s Awesome!”

We are very tired after a day of travel so we are off to bed.  I will post more soon 🙂 Good night!

Just in time
July 22, 2008, 8:34 pm
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I’ve finished my piece for a the baby blanket just in time!  My knitting friend and I have a mutual friend that is expecting her first baby so we thought it would be really neat to make her a baby blanket that we both knitted on. 

After much discussion and looking through patterns, we finally decided that I would make one strip and KF would make 2 strips and then we will sew the 3 strips together and then knit a border around the 3 strips to finish it off. 

My Knitted Piece

My Knitted Piece

The only rules we put on our knitting were the colors and size.  Our pregnant friend is not using traditional baby colors so we went with her neutral color theme.  The advantage to this is that the baby will be able to use the blanket for years to come and it won’t look “babyish”.

This was a fun project, I enjoyed doing whatever stitch patterns I wanted to do.  When I picked a stitch pattern that I didn’t like I was free to switch it to something else. 

Since I won’t be here, KF will be sewing up the blanket and knitting on the border (don’t you like how I got out of that one 🙂  I’ll be sure and post a picture of the completed blanket when it is done!