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It’ Official and RED Marker!
July 1, 2008, 9:47 pm
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Our house is officially on the market today!  Pictures for the online virtual tour were taken this morning and the sign is in the yard!  I was a little concerned about this being a holiday weekend; however, our realtor said that it is actually a great weekend for people relocating because they can take advantage of the 3 day weekend.

I have to admit the house looks really nice!  I have some amazing friends that helped me did all the decorating for me.  I just don’t have that touch unlike my friend who can literally walk by and turn something a different direction and totally make it look better . . . I just watch her turn things this way and that and think “wow, that looks so much better, why didn’t I think of that?”

Keeping the boys from making a mess this morning while waiting for the person to come take pictures was quite a challenge.  I decided that the best way to keep them in one place was to pull out the crayons and some paper and sit them at the kitchen table.  This worked great until this afternoon when I hear Brad scream from the top of the stairs “Mom, Nick is coloring on his bedroom door!”  I raced up the stairs to find this lovely RED artwork on the back of his bedroom door!!

Brad, my first born, is the typical “first born rule follower” and would never, in a million years, dream of doing something like coloring on his door.  However, our second born has a history of coloring on non-paper items.  Here is a sample of his earlier work.

As I sent Nick to his bed and got the Windex to wash his door, I quickly discovered that the RED marker is NOT washable . . . who bought my children NON-WASHABLE markers??

Whoever invented the “Magic Eraser” is a genius.  It’s one of those items that you think “this is really neat, but I don’t know if I would have a use for it.”  You need to buy it for when your child colors in RED marker on your doors, it really came in handy!  You can click here to read all about all the uses for the Magic Eraser and even send off to get a great coupon book that includes coupons for the magic eraser – it really is something every parent should have on hand!