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Why Our Government Is In Debt . . .
July 10, 2008, 4:52 am
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We have received a letter from the IRS.  Stamped on the front of the envelope, in red lettering, is the message “Enclosed is an important message from the IRS on the economic stimulus act of 2008.  Do not throw away!” 

Inside the envelope is a letter, front and back, telling us that we are entitled to an economic stimulus payment and that we can expect to receive our payment in 4 DAYS.  No, that is not a typo, 4 DAYS from now we should recieve our stimulus check and our government chose to waste our taxdollars by sending us a letter 4 DAYS before we are to receive our check . . . really, is that necessary?

Maybe we will start sending a letter to our mortgage company 4 days before our payment is due letting them know that by the terms of our mortgage agreement they are entitled to recieve our monthly payment and they can expect it in 4 days . . . I think I’ll stamp the outside of the envelope in red ink too.


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Too funny! I love the 50 cents toll road bills that arrive in my mail, too.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Blogging!

Comment by Jennifer

Good to see the IRS has got the late mailing problem fixed. I got my notice 3 days AFTER my check was direct deposited into my bank account.

Comment by Granny P

I have one, since our tax dollars also pay for our libraries…I requested a book to be sent from one library to another for my pick up ease. I received a phone call from the library and had picked it up. I received a mail notice today, sent out on the third, that they would hold my book until the tenth before returning it to its home. Today is the eleventh. Brilliant.

Comment by feltsdia

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