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We’re Back!
July 16, 2008, 4:12 am
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We returned last night from our house hunting trip in Georgia!  We looked at A LOT of houses and we narrowed it down to 2.

I’ve always been told that Texas homes don’t have basements because of the soil here and then I was recently told that Georgia has similar soil as Texas . . . so why are there basements in Georgia?  Well, I figured it out this weekend – there are hills in Georgia!  It is not flat there.  You actually have to pay attention to the blue signs on the freeway that tell you which exit has food/gas/hotel because you can not see anything from the freeway but trees!  Lots and lots of trees!  Don’t get me wrong, it is very pretty but I just like to be able to see where I’m going!

Another thing we noticed about Georgia is that they do not use street names, instead they use exit numbers.  For example “Main Street” would be called “Exit 9” in Georgia.  This makes it a little difficult to learn the name of the streets!  I’m sure that is something that we can get use to!

Everybody we met in Georgia was super nice and I think we will enjoy it there.  We tried out a few of the local restaurants and one thing is for sure – they do not know what Tex Mex is!  Not that I really expected them to, but oh how I will miss my Tex Mex!


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I am so sorry I missed the social last night! I had it on my calendar and everything, but after a long day of classes I completely forgot! I am so happy you have narrowed your search and are liking Georgia. I PROMISE to see you before I leave.

Comment by Carolyn

When we would come “home” to visit while living in Iowa, we always made sure of two things: TexMex and Blue Bell. But I think Georgia sells Blue Bell, so you are in pretty good shape!

SO glad to hear that the house hunting went well!

Comment by Jennifer

Yes, I’ve already checked, Georgia does have Blue Bell! When we lived in California I seriously considered paying the enormous fee to have Blue Bell shipped to me, but then I realized that Outback Steakhouse serves Blue Bell ice cream so I was able to get by!

Comment by Natalie

I’m sorry you missed the social too! I would love to see you before we leave, let me know when you are on this side of town! I hope your classes are going well 🙂

Comment by Natalie

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