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Just in time
July 22, 2008, 8:34 pm
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I’ve finished my piece for a the baby blanket just in time!  My knitting friend and I have a mutual friend that is expecting her first baby so we thought it would be really neat to make her a baby blanket that we both knitted on. 

After much discussion and looking through patterns, we finally decided that I would make one strip and KF would make 2 strips and then we will sew the 3 strips together and then knit a border around the 3 strips to finish it off. 

My Knitted Piece

My Knitted Piece

The only rules we put on our knitting were the colors and size.  Our pregnant friend is not using traditional baby colors so we went with her neutral color theme.  The advantage to this is that the baby will be able to use the blanket for years to come and it won’t look “babyish”.

This was a fun project, I enjoyed doing whatever stitch patterns I wanted to do.  When I picked a stitch pattern that I didn’t like I was free to switch it to something else. 

Since I won’t be here, KF will be sewing up the blanket and knitting on the border (don’t you like how I got out of that one 🙂  I’ll be sure and post a picture of the completed blanket when it is done!