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Random Act of Kindness
August 4, 2008, 10:21 am
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We decided to try O’Charlies for dinner, a popular restaurant here but one we’ve never been too. 

We were seated in a booth next to a family eating with their teenage son and his girlfriend.  When our waiter came to take our drink order, hubby asked him what was good to eat and explained that this was our first time to eat there.  The waiter looked a bit shocked that we had never been there before and asked where we were from!  We told him Dallas and he went through the menu with us.  We placed our order and shortly after they came out with some food and tried to give it to us, but it wasn’t our order.  The food was for the booth next to ours.  Jokingly, hubby said “you can give them our check too!”  Everybody laughed 🙂

Our food came out next and it was delicious!  The other family finished before us and left.  A few minutes later our waiter came to our table and told us that the teenage son had paid for our meal!  We were shocked!!  We have no idea why he chose to pay our bill.  The family was long gone by the time we got outside, we wanted to thank them. 

We are still feeling a bit in shock by the whole thing.  We didn’t “need” our meal paid for, we are receiving a food allowance as part of our relocation package and we didn’t “do” anything to deserve that teenage son to pay for our meal.  This is much like Christ in our own lives; Christ gives us the gift of salvation, we haven’t “earned” it and we don’t have to “do” anything extra all we have to do is accept Him into our hearts. 

The waiter also told us that the mom was beaming as her son paid for our meal!  I pray that my own boys will learn how much joy there is in giving and learn to do random acts of kindness for others.  What an awesome thing to watch as a mom, what a great job she has done raising that teenage boy!

Hubby and I are looking for an opportunity to pass on the random act of kindness and we challenge all of you to look for an opportunity as well!  It doesn’t have to be paying for another family’s meal, it can be paying for the drink for the car behind you in the Starbucks line, giving somebody a “high value” coupon for something you notice they have in their cart, taking an unexpected meal to a friend or making cookies for a neighbor you’ve never met.  Use your imagination and keep your eyes open for the next opportunity!

Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what RAK you did or what RAK was done for you!


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Great post.

Comment by feltsdia

RAK was given to me. I was @ BabyRus & ran into the Minter’s. We chatted abit & then K. asked me how was my sister doing. I looked shocked that she would remember. K. reply was I have her name in her prayer book and I pray for her everyday. My reply was she’s better but still ruff times and please keep praying for her. It had to be in God’s plans for us to be at BabiesRus at the same time. It seems I had not planned on shopping therefore I looked awful and I never run into anyone I know. They were out for a rare evening without their children and decided to stop in BabiesRUS too. I left with a uplifted feeling inside of me. God has such Awsome plans don’t you think!

Comment by Granny D

What a sweet thing to happen when you have just moved to a new state…I guess Texas is not the only state with nice people 🙂 God is always working!

Comment by Anne

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