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Another Outing . . .
August 7, 2008, 12:02 am
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The walls of the hotel room are closing in!  This explains why I chose to travel to DOWNTOWN Atlanta and try out the Chrildren’s Museum . . . by myself with the kids!  Traffic into downtown is horrible at any time of the day so I decided to take the MARTA (i.e. public transportation) with the boys into downtown.  Because I have been on the MARTA with hubby and we needed to go to the same stop I felt comfortable going on my own.

Public transportation is a great thing for its speed and the MARTA train comes every 10-12 minutes so there is never a very long wait.  Public transporation is also very dirty . . . we spotted a mouse at the downtown stop!  As I pulled the boys in closer to me and we watched the mouse run down the track, Brad exclaimed “Look Mom, it’s Jerry!” (from Tom & Jerry the cartoon).

The Children’s Museum was a lot of fun, although we didn’t get to stay too long . . . I underestimated how long it would take for us to get there and the museum closes early.  The museum is much like the children’s explore zone in the basement at the Ft. Worth Museum but the Atlanta Children’s Museum is about 3 times as big!

The boys had a great time and their favorite activity was the giant ball machine!  As I watched the boys play, I realized that my 6 year old is starting to out grow that kind of play.  He was not interested in playing in the pretend store or with the moon sand.  As I watched him turn up his nose at some of the options I got a little sad.  My son is growing up and he’s entering a new phase of play!  I know this did not happen overnight, but I’m not sure when it started.  As a part of me mourned today, another part of me looks forward to what is next!  I’m not sure what the next phase will hold, but I know we will have fun figuring it out together!


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Brad’s “Jerry” comment made me laugh out loud. I remember that “lost” feeling when you started school. After I got over that it was uphill from then on.

Comment by Granny D

That makes me sad about Brad, too. I’ve gone from Sesame Street to Superfriends. YUCK.

Comment by feltsdia

Hey there Natalie. I have enjoyed your blog. I am glad you are adjusting to Hotlanta. I am looking for a new MOPS group to join closer to home this year. Noah is 3 and Abigale just turned 1 last week. Hard to believe. Hope all continues to go well for you and your family.

Comment by Melissa McAfee

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