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One of THOSE Moms . . .
August 11, 2008, 7:44 pm
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Yes, I was one of THOSE moms last night who shops for her kids school supplies at 8:30pm the night before the first day of school!  I know, it’s totally out of character for me but let me explain . . .

I have been hitting Staples, Office Depot and Office Max over the past several weeks for their awesome .01 deals, but of course I didn’t have everything Brad needed for school.  I received his school supply list on Thursday and had every intention of doing the shopping on Saturday for the few items I was missing. 

Saturday came and went before I realized it and I hadn’t been to the store so I thought I would just go after church on Sunday.  Then we needed to meet with our Realtor on Sunday afternoon to look at couple of houses . . . looking at a couple of houses turned into over 5 hours and an accepted contract on our NEW HOUSE!!!!!  I was emotionally and mentally exhausted as we headed back to the hotel but I dropped hubby and the kids off and went to Wal Mart to get the last few items Brad needed for school!

I was walking down the school supply isles wanting to explain to everyone I passed why I was shopping for school supplies the day before school started, but then I realized everybody else was doing the same thing!  Although Wal Mart is not my favorite store, I will say that they were well stocked and I had no problem getting my last minute supplies! 

Just another example of something I said I would never do as a Mom that God is graciously humbling me about!


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How was Brad’s first day? Did you find the tennis shoes?

Comment by feltsdia

This is so yall! Complete things on your planned to do list and while your at it why not just buy a new Home.

Comment by Granny D

WAAAAHHHH-HOOOOOOO!!!! (um, this is a Texas way of saying “I’m so glad you found a house.”)

How was the first day? And when will you get to move in?

Miss you!

Comment by Jennifer

What church are ya’ll trying out? I’m curious and meant to ask you today about it! Thanks for the quick chat! Can’t wait to see ya’ll in a few weeks!

Comment by Texasgirl

[…] One of THOSE Moms . . . […]

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