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My Coupon Binder
August 15, 2008, 10:59 am
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My MOPS friend, Alyssa, over at kingdomfirstmom is hosting a coupon binder show & tell!  And since I know all of you are dying to see my coupon binder, I’ve decided to show it off here!

I have changed my coupon binder many times and I now love it!  I started with the simple, billfold size coupon organizer and I used it for years before I got really serious about my coupon shopping!  Once I learned how much more I could be saving by shopping smarter and using more coupons I did LOTS of research online visiting other blogs and decided that the binder would be the best option for me.

My first binder was rather small and I sorted my coupons by categories and aisle numbers at Walmart.  Walmart is not my favorite store, but they do have some of the best prices on products so I thought one of the best ways to compare prices was to know what I could buy it at Walmart for.  I started a price list using Walmart as my base price and listed the products that I typically buy.  I then made a special trip to Walmart (without the kiddos) and walked up and down every aisle writing down the prices of these items . . . I’m pretty sure Walmart security was following me 🙂  I was then able to compare these prices with Kroger and Costco and take into consideration Kroger’s double/triple coupon policy which Walmart does not do.

I read the book by Ellie Kay, Shop, Save, and Share and after much thought I decided to give her idea a try . . . I reorganized all my coupons alphabetically instead of by category.  I know, I know it was a huge change!  I gave it lots of thought and I even lost sleep debating the change, but after weeks of thinking about it I took the plunge and reorganized.  I now love having my coupons organized alphabetically I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

I quickly outgrew my small binder and moved up in size, I now have a large zippered binder and it should last me for awhile!  For all you visual people like me, here are lots of pictures of my binder!

Here is my binder, the outside pocket holds my calculator, pens and scissors.

On the inside is this place to hold all my zippered pouches (see below) and all of my ads.  I love this section of my binder! The first section is reserved for CVS, the second for grocery stores, the third section is for coupons to be filed and the last section is other (i.e. Costco).

These are my zippered pouches.  Each one stays in its designated area with the current week ad. I have one for grocery stores, one for CVS and one to hold coupons that need to be filed.  I also use these to hold the coupons that I’m going to use at each store so I can quickly pull it out and run into the store if I choose not to take in my whole binder.  As you can see, I also keep my store cards in the pouch along with my CVS ECB’s.

This is my price list. When I’m at the store, if I see an item that has changed in price I mark the new price on my price list.

Here’s a sample page.  I use alphabetical dividers and baseball card holders to hold my coupons.  I try to keep food coupons on separte pages from the drug/cleaning products.

This is my last page of my binder.  It is an open sleeve that holds current rebate promotions!

So there it is, a look inside my coupon binder!  Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Also, be sure and check out Alyssa’s post of links to lots of other coupon holder ideas!


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I have the same binder in pink, and the same zippered pouches! I put a video of mine up on my blog.

This coupon organization show and tell has been fun!

Comment by Trina

It’s a sub-culture in and of itself…

Comment by feltsdia

Natalie- WOW! Your binder really does put mine to shame. I love your price list. So you made the big switch to alphabetical, huh? I don’t think I am ready for that, but I am glad it’s working for you!



Comment by Alyssa @ Keeping the Kingdom First

Natalie! You have given a coupon newbie HOPE!!! I have been couponing for only a few weeks. Right now my organization system is a child’s shoe box with dividers (and I love it–it was FREE), and my coupons are sorted ALPHABETICALLY. As I was sorting some tonight, I was thinking about the need to switch to a binder. And I was really agonizing over re-organizing them by category. I was so excited to see your post about A-Z organization that I almost jumped up and down! Thanks!

Comment by Lori Clayton

Hi Lori! I think organizing your coupons alphabetically makes it super quick to find them when you need them! I’m glad to hear there is another “alpha” person out there like me!

Comment by bluebonnetstopeaches

Love your binder. I have outgrew my coupon box! I have to make a binder fast! Thanks for sharing Julie @couponsavingfamily

Comment by Julie

[…] the shelf hangs the new basket that only has one purpose – to hold my coupon binder!  I put a lot of thought into whether my coupon binder needed its own space.  It gets used A LOT […]

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