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We survived . . .
August 16, 2008, 9:11 am
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We have survived the first week of school! 

Thanks for being patient with me in the lack of posts this week, but it has been a crazy week!  In case you missed it in this post . . . we found a house last weekend!  I love the house, the lot it is on and the view!  I’ll be sure to take some pictures of our view after we move in!  There is also a front porch and lots of decks on the back!  The neighborhood has a pool with a fun waterslide, playground, tennis courts and basketball courts . . . I think we will like it there!  Since we have a contract on a house it started the ball rolling on setting up insurance and arranging the move of our household goods – lots of time has been spent on the phone this week!

Brad started school on Monday.  We had a rough time on Tuesday, he did not want to go because “this school is boring and I already learned all this in kindergarten.”  However, when I picked him up on Tuesday his teacher came out to the carpool line to tell me what a great day he had!  Each day seemed to be better, although if you ask him he’ll tell you he doesn’t like it, but he can hardly wipe the smile off his face when I pick him up!  He had his first day of sign language on Friday and learned to sign his name and he did a really good job!

I have narrowed down the preschools for Nick, most of them don’t start until after Labor Day here.  Preschool is very different here than in Texas.  Most of them do not use a set curriculum and the day is short (i.e. 8:30-12 vs. 9-2).  I have one more to go look at next week and then I hope to make a decision 🙂


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So one more preschool to go. Keep us posted.

Comment by feltsdia

Brad’s “face tells it all” he cannot hide his feelings. Was his shirt tucked in? Another “Hooray for Nick” he was so excited when he called me!

Comment by Granny D

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