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It’s Official . . .
August 17, 2008, 9:40 am
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We are officially Georgians now!  Because we have a contract on a house we were able to get our Georgia drivers license.   Now, you might know that we lived in California for a full year and I never got a California driver license, so why was it so important to get a Georgia DL?  Well, hubby’s new car has been sitting at the dealership for over 2 weeks and we haven’t been able to pick it up because we couldn’t get GA insurance without a GA address and they couldn’t title the car without a GA address.  I think hubby was a little tired of having me drive him to and from work everyday!

We got DL’s and it was a pretty smooth process.  What is more impressive is that I had brought our “important documents” binder with us to GA.  I had brought the binder thinking I would need the boys birth certificates and shot records for school and not thinking that I would need our marriage license to get my DL!  No hubby didn’t need our marraige license, but I did . . . there were many other women in line that couldn’t get their DL because they didn’t have their marriage license and honestly I wouldn’t have thought to bring ours either except that it was in our binder.

Do you have an “important documents” binder?  Ours in a simple 3 ring binder with a separate section for each of us.  I use clear sheet protectors that are open on the top to slide in our documents.  I keep birth certificates, passports, voter registration cards, shot records, insurance policies and anything else that I consider to be “important.”   I use to keep these things in individual file folders for each of us, but I prefer the ease of the binder.  This binder is also on my list of things to grab in case of evacuation.  I don’t have a fear of having to be evacuated, I just prefer to be prepared 🙂   I’ll save that for another post!


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Only you would carry your important paper binder to get your DL, but that’s why I love you!

Comment by feltsdia

Hurray, now check that off your list in your 3 ring binder, make an it official with your label maker & stamp it done. You may need to open your filing cabinet, place a new hanging folder in it with the lock box key from your safety deposit box at the bank!!!!!!! I am on a roll, I am killing myself!

Comment by Deena

Of course the binder has been labeled using my label maker!

Comment by bluebonnetstopeaches

You have inspired me to make a notebook of important stuff! I currently have most of this stuff in a file folder in my filing cabinet but this would be much easier!!! Thanks 🙂

Comment by Leanne

I’m glad I could help Leanne!

Comment by bluebonnetstopeaches

What a great idea. I think I’ll start one.
That would be a good place for warranty cards.
Glad to hear y’all found a house. Miss U – maggie

Comment by maggie goss

I made my important documents binder tonight!! Congrats on your new house! Can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

Comment by Leanne

Great idea! I’d also make copies and have a second binder just in case…Congrats on the house again! It was sooo bless-ed seeing ya’ll! And to think I almost didn’t come! Glad I did since you aren’t coming back til Dec. Miss u much!

Comment by Texasgirl

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