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Girl Tools!
August 22, 2008, 9:00 am
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Is this not the cuttest tool bag you’ve ever seen?  I got it at Walmart for about $20.00 and it is full of tool essentials!

When I moved out of my parents house for college, my mom gave me the cutest, most useful tool set.  All of the tools had painted flowers on them and all the tools attached to a matching flower plaque to hang on the wall.  At the time I probably thought it was the weirdest gift, but it was great and I think everyone in the sorority house used my tools at some point!  Then, when hubby and I got married my mother-in-law gave me my own tool box filled with my own tools.  It has been very useful throughout our marriage since I can’t ever find anything in our garage (hahahaha); however, I have no tools here in GA with me and I needed a screwdriver to put my license plate on my car and I needed a tape measure to measure some of the rooms in our new house.  I decided I could pick up some cheap tools at Walmart to get me through until our stuff gets here . . . but then I spotted this cute bag!

I just love that it is pink and all the tools inside are pink!


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I love it, you know me, I love pink, now it just needs some decorative jewels!

Comment by Deena

Love this! I want to see a picture of you in the safety goggles.

Comment by Jennifer

I love this photo with everything neatly laid out. It’s so thoughtful of you! I wouldn’t have dreamt of such a purchase, but I do have to admit it’s really cute!

Comment by feltsdia

Can you really imagine her with safety googles on and a hammer in one hand. That scares me.

Comment by John

very cute! I have a pink tool box, too. It was the best thing I bought for a kid’s school fundraiser!

Comment by Texasgirl

We could bedazzle those tools and add some fur!

Comment by Aprel D

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