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My least favorite thing
August 27, 2008, 9:59 am
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My least favorite thing as a mom is potty training!  I had a difficult time potty training Brad and that is probably why I’ve put off potty training Nick.  In fact, I would gladly pay someone else to do the potty training for me . . . but I’ve had no takers. 

I’ve had lots of excuses over the summer, granted they were good excuses – like moving.  I bought a potty for Nick a few weeks ago, shortly after arriving in Georgia.  After realizing that we were going to have to be out of the hotel during the day (2 boys in a small hotel room with lots of energy is not a good thing:) I had another excuse for not potty training – it’s difficult to potty train when you are out touring the city!

However, this week my excuses have run out.  Brad is back in school so it is just me and Nick during the day and I decided the time was now or never.

We started our potty training adventure with a trip to the library.  We picked out lots of books about the potty for Nick and some for mom too (after a difficult time with the first child I decided that any potty training method books I could get my hands on would be a good thing).  We also got a potty training dvd to watch in the car.  As we left the library, I put the dvd in so Nick could watch it on the way back to the hotel.  I had never seen this dvd and nobody had warned me about it, but as I am listening to it describe all the body parts and their functions I’m praying that the person in the car behind me is not looking at my dvd screen!

I made it clear to Nick that there are no more pull ups, except at night.  He seemed to understand.  Monday started out okay.  He went when I told him to but he also went when I didn’t and the concept of stopping what you are doing and go sit on your potty seemed lost.

Day 2 was harder, the potty thing was old news and not considered “fun” anymore.  He no longer wanted to go when I told him to so it was a VERY long day and I was a little moody by evening time. 

I woke up this morning (day 3) sort of dreading another day of potty training, but my little guy surprised me!  He woke up dry and without me telling him, he went and sat on his potty!!!!!  WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wish us luck as we continue into day 3.

Here’s my advice for parents that might be taking on the challenge of potty training in the near future:

  • do not listen to your mother when she tells you that you were potty trained before you were walking – you were not potty trained, your mother was!
  • buy undies several sizes too big so that they can pull them up and down by themselves
  • consider getting a hotel room for a few days – better their carpet than yours
  • if you choose to reward your child with candy for using the potty, then buy some candy for yourself too or better yet schedule a pedicure at the end of the week for yourself!

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Feelin’ your pain. Potty training is the worst. I put it off forever with #3 because I was dreading it so much. It is (mostly) worth it, though. There are days that I still miss Pull-Ups because finding a nasty public restroom is just plain inconvenient…and gross.

Good luck!

Comment by Jennifer

Don’t even get me started on public restrooms! You do remember that on my list of “MOPS Mom’s Favorite Things” were toilet seat covers!

Comment by bluebonnetstopeaches

We are trying to potty train Reed as well, and have had no success. For some reason he will only go for Chance.

Comment by Stephanie

Mine are all potty trained 🙂 I am just saying that to make you all sick LOL. Good Luck! I do not miss those days AT ALL.

Comment by Anne

Despite all of this commentary, only God can get you through it all!

Comment by feltsdia

I heard boys were harder than girls…I guess letting him run around with nothing on-heard a mom do that when i worked at preschool, but she had a girl and that’s just different-may not be an option.

Comment by Texasgirl

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