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A New Favorite Store
August 28, 2008, 9:00 am
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I might have a new favorite grocery store – Publix

Being new to Georgia, I’m new to Publix.  I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog, Fiddledeedee! to learn about the Publix deals and there are many!!

Our first week here I honestly thought all the BOGOF items (buy one, get one free for all my non-coupon friends 🙂 was just a lucky shot for me that week; however, I have discovered that Publix has BOGOF items EVERY week!  Combine the BOGOF offers with 2 coupons (one for each item) and the savings can really add up, plus they double up to .50 coupons!  Whoo Hooo!!!!!

I budget $40 a week for groceries for our family of 4.  We are still living in a hotel until we can close on our new house and there is no oven so the amount of cooking going on here is very little 🙂  With that said, I don’t have to buy groceries right now, but with such great deals I can’t turn them down!  Here’s a picture of what I got at Publix.  Because this is my blog and I can, I’ve listed the price that I paid for each item after coupons (and just for my friend that doesn’t do the grocery shopping in her house, I noted the sales price for each item before coupons in parenthesis)!

  • 2 V8 Splash ($2.99 each) .99 each
  • 2 Motts Apple Juice ($2.89 each) .46 each
  • 2 Prego Sauce ($2.29) 1.15 each
  • 2 Duncan Hines Cake Mix ($1.57) .79 each
  • 2 Milano Cookies ($3.39) $1.50 each
  • 2 Ken’s Marinade ($2.79) .90 each
  • 2 Reddi-Whip Cream ($2.00) $1.00 each
  • 2 Lipton Tea ($2.50) $2.12 each
  • Purina Dog Busy Bones $3.59
  • Purina Dog Beggin Strips FREE
  • Publix Wavy Dog Treats FREE

Because I was able to save so much on the items above, I was also able to get some great sandwich bread, sliced turkey, sliced cheese and some yummy chips and I still came in slightly under budget at $38.48!

Publix also has a weekly program “Try Theirs, Get Ours for Free.”  With this program you purchase a name brand product and receive the Publix brand equivelent for FREE!  Each week a different product or two is featured.  This week I scored an awesome deal on some doggie treats.  The Publix deal was buy a package of Purina dog beggin strips and get a bag of Publix wavy dog treats for free.  I was able to sweeten the deal because I had a coupon to get a free bag of beggin stips if I bought a bag of busy bones – which my dog loves!  So I got approx. $9 of dog treats for about $3.50!  That just makes my heart sing!


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Oh, my! Could it be that Publix was placed in your lap for your pure enjoyment rather than for just good stewardship?

Comment by feltsdia

wow! that’s impressive!!

Comment by Texasgirl

I think I could love that place! Did you get that savings buzz? Isn’t it great to be in the south. I mean all those folks in NYC have to shop at corner stores and pay like $10 for peanut butter. Yippee for savings!!!

Comment by Aprel D

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