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The Swingset . . .
September 29, 2008, 11:31 am
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This is the 2nd time our swingset for the boys has been disassembled, moved and then reassembled. The last time we paid The Backyard Fun Factory to come and do all the work for $300 . . . it took them most of the day and they knew what they were doing!

This time I called them to come and take it apart so that the movers could load it on the truck to move it to Georgia, cost $150.  The Backyard Fun Factory is a Texas company and does not have a store in Georgia.  We considered calling another company and paying them to come put it together, but in our frugalness (is that a word?) we decided we could give it a try ourselves.  I mean, we know what it is suppose to look like and hubby did take pictures of it before they took it apart in Texas.

Here is what we had to work with:

This has been a 2 week process, here’s what it looked like at the end of 2 days of work (about 8 hours total):

I was impressed with our hard work and the boys were excited to have a working slide!

After several more evenings and a Saturday worth of work . . .

we have a reassembled playset!!  We are the only house on our side of the street that has a playset, so the neighbors came over on Sunday afternoon to play on it too . . . and it stayed together!!!

I’m proud of my hubby for taking on this project and spending LOTS of his free time the last 2 weeks to put it together!  I think it looks great!!

Another Lost Tooth!
September 29, 2008, 11:00 am
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Brad lost his second tooth on Saturday night!  I honestly don’t know what has been keeping it in for the last week!  The tooth fairy left 2 gold coins under his pillow!  Don’t you think “gold” coins are better than $1 bills?  Six year old boys definately think they rock!

2 Great Finds!
September 20, 2008, 9:00 am
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I found 2 great finds as I was unpacking today.

Here’s the first one!

Yes, those are vaccum bags!  You might think that I was excited to find these so that I could vaccum my floors . . . um, no.  Don’t get me wrong, I love clean floors but I don’t really like the process of getting them that way!  I was excited to find these replacement bags because now I can vaccum out my car!!!  WHOO HOO!  Yes, I allow my kids to have food in the car and that causes crumbs to end up everywhere.  My friend Liz is the only mom I know who doesn’t allow food in her car and that’s also why her car looks brand spankin’ new ALL THE TIME.  There is much satisfaction in a cleaning out the car, I really do like it!!

Here’s the second find of the day!

This is a Kohl’s card with a balance on it!  There is no telling how old it is, but the back of the card said that it doesn’t expire so I got online to check the balance and there is $9.40 on the card!!  WHOO HOO!  Y’all, that’s almost as good as finding cash in the box!  It’s the same feeling as pulling your coat out the closet for the first blast of winter and putting your hand in the pocket and discovering a $10 bill in the pocket!  When I was younger I use to put money in my coat pocket at the end of the season so there was always a surprise at the start of winter!  Am I the only person that does this?

Willow is here!
September 19, 2008, 8:50 pm
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Willow, our dog, has arrived in Georgia!  We have missed her so much!  She has been staying with my mom in Texas until we could get moved into our house in Georgia.  Air Animal arranged her flight to Georgia.  They offer a full service, door to door, move.  This is the 3rd time we’ve used their services and they have been great every time!

Willow is very tired, she has had a long day of travel.  The boys and I showed her around our new house, pointed out where her food and water bowls are, gave her a bone and showed her how to get outside.  The boys were most excited about showing her the basement!

Here’s a few pics 🙂

Thank you Granny for taking good care of Willow!  We are so happy to have her home with us!

I’m Back!!
September 19, 2008, 10:49 am
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We finally have our internet back up and running and they came yesterday to hook up our tv!  I am happy to have both back!  We don’t really watch that much tv, but I have felt cut off from the world without tv or the internet.

We have been busy unpacking this week!  There are A LOT of boxes.  The moving truck arrived last Saturday and we had an extra 5 ft to spare on the truck . . . that’s a good thing, I would have been really embarssed if everything didn’t fit on the truck!  I asked the driver how much the truck weighed with our stuff on it, are you ready . . . 28,000 pounds!!  That’s a lot of stuff!  Our new home is a bit smaller than our house in Texas so once we figure out what we need here and what we don’t, we will be getting rid of a bunch of stuff – I can hardly wait!   

Here’s a few pictures of the truck:

Our unload crew worked really fast.  They arrived at 8:00am and had the truck completyly unloaded, boxes in all the correct rooms and our beds and tables put together by 3:45pm!  Although I was thankful that they were here to do all the lifting, I was ready for them to leave so that we could be here as a family and unpack our boxes and start to make this house a home.

I will have a few more before and after pictures to post soon.  For now, it’s back to unpacking!

The truck arrived!
September 15, 2008, 2:46 pm
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The moving truck arrived in Georgia on Saturday!  The movers had the truck unloaded and furniture (i.e. beds) put together by 3:45 on Saturday afternoon!!  We are busy unpacking and trying to get the house organized.  We do not have our internet service up and running yet, so my posts may be hit an miss this week.  I’m doing my best to get to the library to post and check my e-mail!  I’ll have pictures posted soon!

I’m a Great Aunt again!
September 10, 2008, 10:21 pm
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I became a Great Aunt again today (in case you are keeping count, this is great niece/nephew number 6)!  My new niece, Annabelle, was born by c-section this morning in Texas weighing in a little over 7 lbs!  I think she looks like her big sister, Kate!  I can’t wait to meet her in person!