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I’m Back!!
September 19, 2008, 10:49 am
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We finally have our internet back up and running and they came yesterday to hook up our tv!  I am happy to have both back!  We don’t really watch that much tv, but I have felt cut off from the world without tv or the internet.

We have been busy unpacking this week!  There are A LOT of boxes.  The moving truck arrived last Saturday and we had an extra 5 ft to spare on the truck . . . that’s a good thing, I would have been really embarssed if everything didn’t fit on the truck!  I asked the driver how much the truck weighed with our stuff on it, are you ready . . . 28,000 pounds!!  That’s a lot of stuff!  Our new home is a bit smaller than our house in Texas so once we figure out what we need here and what we don’t, we will be getting rid of a bunch of stuff – I can hardly wait!   

Here’s a few pictures of the truck:

Our unload crew worked really fast.  They arrived at 8:00am and had the truck completyly unloaded, boxes in all the correct rooms and our beds and tables put together by 3:45pm!  Although I was thankful that they were here to do all the lifting, I was ready for them to leave so that we could be here as a family and unpack our boxes and start to make this house a home.

I will have a few more before and after pictures to post soon.  For now, it’s back to unpacking!


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I’m excited you finally have your “stuff” and when Will gets there today the move will be complete.

Comment by Granny D

I’m excited about Willow, too!

Comment by feltsdia

I am glad all your stuff made it! Hope everything survived. Hope to see you all soon 🙂

Comment by Anne

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