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2 Great Finds!
September 20, 2008, 9:00 am
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I found 2 great finds as I was unpacking today.

Here’s the first one!

Yes, those are vaccum bags!  You might think that I was excited to find these so that I could vaccum my floors . . . um, no.  Don’t get me wrong, I love clean floors but I don’t really like the process of getting them that way!  I was excited to find these replacement bags because now I can vaccum out my car!!!  WHOO HOO!  Yes, I allow my kids to have food in the car and that causes crumbs to end up everywhere.  My friend Liz is the only mom I know who doesn’t allow food in her car and that’s also why her car looks brand spankin’ new ALL THE TIME.  There is much satisfaction in a cleaning out the car, I really do like it!!

Here’s the second find of the day!

This is a Kohl’s card with a balance on it!  There is no telling how old it is, but the back of the card said that it doesn’t expire so I got online to check the balance and there is $9.40 on the card!!  WHOO HOO!  Y’all, that’s almost as good as finding cash in the box!  It’s the same feeling as pulling your coat out the closet for the first blast of winter and putting your hand in the pocket and discovering a $10 bill in the pocket!  When I was younger I use to put money in my coat pocket at the end of the season so there was always a surprise at the start of winter!  Am I the only person that does this?


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Yes, you are the only one who 1) puts it there and 2) knows it’s there and chooses to leave it so you can find a “surprise” next season. The rest of us go and get the money out when we need it.

Comment by feltsdia

I’m with you Feltsdia!

Comment by Granny D

Like Granny D would remember it was even there! Feltsdia I am sure would have it spent on something educational like a hebrew dictionary translated to Russian with chinese inflection.

Comment by John

I love you. You are so funny.

Yes it is 1am on a Tuesday. No, I do not have to sub tomorrow so I am catching up on all my friends. I miss you.

I found Leslie Til. through Katy Roy, but shhhhh…. I am still ordering all my CM photos from you.

Did I tell you that I love you, John, and your boys yet? Cause I do and miss you.

Comment by Carolyn

Oh my gosh! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of leaving money behind..not a bad idea and if I did that for all 20 jackets I have…hmm…

Comment by Texasgirl

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