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The Swingset . . .
September 29, 2008, 11:31 am
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This is the 2nd time our swingset for the boys has been disassembled, moved and then reassembled. The last time we paid The Backyard Fun Factory to come and do all the work for $300 . . . it took them most of the day and they knew what they were doing!

This time I called them to come and take it apart so that the movers could load it on the truck to move it to Georgia, cost $150.  The Backyard Fun Factory is a Texas company and does not have a store in Georgia.  We considered calling another company and paying them to come put it together, but in our frugalness (is that a word?) we decided we could give it a try ourselves.  I mean, we know what it is suppose to look like and hubby did take pictures of it before they took it apart in Texas.

Here is what we had to work with:

This has been a 2 week process, here’s what it looked like at the end of 2 days of work (about 8 hours total):

I was impressed with our hard work and the boys were excited to have a working slide!

After several more evenings and a Saturday worth of work . . .

we have a reassembled playset!!  We are the only house on our side of the street that has a playset, so the neighbors came over on Sunday afternoon to play on it too . . . and it stayed together!!!

I’m proud of my hubby for taking on this project and spending LOTS of his free time the last 2 weeks to put it together!  I think it looks great!!


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Willow is thinking “No Way”! Frugalness or not. But then “hubby” proved her wrong. Great job Hubby!

Comment by Granny D

Wow, hubby…looks like you actually can hold a screwdriver…

Comment by feltsdia

Wow! I’m impressed!
And your backyard looks beautiful with all those trees at the egde!

Comment by Carolyn

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