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A great shopping day at Kroger
November 3, 2008, 3:48 pm
Filed under: Kroger Deals

I have not been this excited about a Kroger ad in some time!  This week Kroger is having their $5 off 10 items mega event!  The idea is that you can mix and match any 10 participating items and receive an additional $5 off your total when you check out  (or an extra .50 per item) and you can do a max of 30 items in one transaction (i.e. $15 off one transaction).  There are lots of great items that will be good for the upcoming baking season and when combined with coupons they are a steal!  Here’s what I got and prices:

  • 3 Nestle Mosels $2.50×3=$7.50-$3 coupons-1.50 mega deal (md) = $3 ($1 each)
  • 2 Carnation Evaporated Milk $1×2=$2-1 coupons-1 md = FREE
  • 1 5lb. Domino Sugar $2.50-.70 coupons-.50 md = $1.30
  • 3 General Mills Cereal $2×3=$6-$1 coupon – 1.50 md = $3.50 ($1.17 each)
  • 3 Land O Lakes Butter $2.50×3=$7.50 – 1.35 coupons – 1.50md = $4.65 ($1.55 each)
  • 4 Hunt’s Diced Tomatos $1.50×4=6-1.60 coupons – 2 md = $2.40 (.60 each)
  • 3 Smucker’s Jelly $2.50×3=$7.50 – $1.25 coupons-1.50md = $4.75 ($1.58 each)
  • 3 Quaker Oats $1.50×3=4.50 – $3coupons – 1.50md = FREE
  • 4 Zatarains Rice Mix $1.50×4=$6-1.50 coupons – 2md = $2.50 (.63 each)
  • 2 Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatos $1.50×2=$3-1.40 coupons-1md = $.60 (.30 each)
  • 2 Hefty Storage Bags $1.50×2=3-1.10 coupons – 1md = .90 (.45 each)
  • Chicken Breast 1.99/lb (not part of the mega deal but a great price! $7.00

Total $62.50, less $16.90 coupons, less $15 in mega deal, plus $1.82 tax = $32.42 Out of Pocket! (67% savings)

I’m always surprised as I walk through the store and look at other people’s carts and realize that they have NO IDEA how much they could be saving! It amazes me that people don’t pay more attention to the ad deals . . . who doesn’t want to have this much fun while shopping?!?


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Because people like other things than spending three hours on a Sunday making a coupon plan. 🙂

Comment by feltsdia

Like what? Watching cars make 4 left turns?

Comment by John

“who doesn’t want to have this much fun while shopping?!?”

Me! I like John’s idea much, much better!

Comment by Grandpa

My food budget of $800.00 per month for eight people is really hard to stretch. This includes packed lunches for four children and my partner. I had no idea that couponing done correctly could result in such savings. I for one will start working on this immediately. Imagine everyones suprise when I’ll be able to purchase “extras” with the savings that most people take for granted!

Comment by Rick

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