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The First 25!
November 20, 2008, 11:26 am
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I don’t know if I’ve ever been this excited about a grocery store grand opening!  There is a new Publix grocery store that opened this morning about 5 blocks from our house and I have been patiently waiting for the grand opening . . . TODAY!

It started yesterday when I received the “grand opening” ad in the paper.  There were LOTS of BOGOF items that Publix is know for and the first 25 customers who spent $25 would receive an additional $25 bag of groceries for FREE!  I made my list and made sure that I had $25 worth of items on my list and made a plan to hit the store as soon as they opened at 7am this morning.  Luckily my mom is visiting from Texas so she was able to get the boys ready for school while I was grocery shopping.

As the alarm went off at 6:30am there was a small (very small) part of me that said “you are nuts, getting up at 6:30am to go to the grocery store.”  There was also a very big part of me that was super excited at the chance to be one of the first 25 customers!  I wasn’t sure what my chances would be of being one of the first 25 to check out since I had a long list and I wasn’t buying a single big ticket item (i.e. a turkey). 

As I arrived there were about 10 other cars in the parking lot and LOTS of Publix employees everywhere!  The employees were super nice and helpful and the produce section was unbelievable!  I have never seen potatoes stacked so perfectly in all my life!  I almost didn’t want to disturb the beautiful arrangement of sweet potatoes, but then again they were on sale for .43/lb. 

I stuck to my list and made it through the store in about 12 minutes.  There was a cashier just waiting for me and one of the managers came over to help unload my basket – see what I mean, super nice!  As they were ringing up my purchase, another manager came over with this:


And here’s what was inside the bag:


My $25 worth of FREE groceries!!!!  The bag contains everything for a spaghetti meal, including dessert!  How awesome is that?!  I was giddy with excitement!  It’s hard to see in the picture, but there is a package of 3 dozen cookies behind the sausage.  I decided to share the love and sent the cookies to Brad’s school for the teachers to enjoy 🙂

I was also super excited about all the deals I scored!  Here are the groceries I purchased:


And here’s the breakdown:

  • Sour Cream .60
  • Half & Half .53
  • 4 Packages Cream Cheese $5
  • Whip Cream (2/$4, less .50 coupon, doubled) $1
  • Shredded Cheese ($2.50, less .40 coupon, doubled) $1.70
  • Baisl $2.99
  • Celery .89
  • Sweet Potatoes .43/lb
  • Sausage Roll $2.50
  • 2 Cans Cranberry Sauce .73/ea
  • 4 Cans Green Beans .39/ea (after coupons)
  • Sweet Pickles ($1.40, less .50 coupon, doubled) .40
  • 12 Cans Chicken Broth .37/ea (after coupons)
  • Rolls (my father in laws favorite, since he will be here next week for Thanksgiving :)($2.69, less .50 coupon, doubled) $1.69
  • Domino Light Brown Sugar (.69, less .25 coupon, doubled) .19
  • Domino Confectioners Sugar (.69, less .25 coupon, doubled) .19
  • Duncan Hines Cake Mix .80
  • Betty Crocker Potaotes (.80, less .35 coupon, doubled) .10
  • 2 Uncle Bens Long Grain & Wild Rice (1.99, less .75 coupon) .62/ea
  • Chex Mix ($1.28, less .50 coupon, doubled) .28
  • Dixie Paper Plates ($1.50, less .70 coupon) .80

It is a beautiful day!


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What a cool deal! It’s like He is providing over and over, giving you this give of accounting! I’m very surprised there wasn’t a line waiting at the door to get the $25 free groceries though!

Comment by Texasgirl

I meant gift of accounting…

Comment by Texasgirl

You know, Texasgirl is right. And to think, you fought that gifting so hard! Ha! I’m sure you are being thought of as weird now. God gives each of us joy in our own individual areas. He’s so good!

Comment by feltsdia

Did I read “patiently waiting”? She was so excited you would have thought it was Christmas morning! But on the other hand I did pick up on some methods on saving money at the grocery store so I can have more to spend on Christmas presents.

Comment by Natalie

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