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Black Friday Deals!
December 3, 2008, 4:58 pm
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Our Black Friday deals actually started on Thursday, after we were done eating!  I decided to go to CVS and see what things they had left.  I ended up driving a loop around our town and hit 3 CVS stores and got everything on my list!  I spent $4.74 and received about $32 in ECB’s back!  Here’s a picture of what I got:


Hubby lives for Black Friday!  He starts searching the web for the Black Friday ads in early August!  In the past, he has done the shopping while I’ve stayed at home with the kids; however, this year I got to go too since my mom was visiting from Texas and offered to stay with the kids!

We had great plans to leave the house by 5am . . . but we didn’t hear the alarm so we didn’t get up til 7am!  Hubby was very disappointed that we overslept but was still hopeful that we would grab some decent deals. 

Our first stop was Wal Mart.  As we were walking through the parking lot, we passed a man walking out of the store on his cell phone saying “Forget this, I will pay full price . . . these crowds are ridiculous”  I turned to hubby and said “Oh, he just doesn’t have the right spirit about Black Friday shopping!”  About 20 minutes later as we were walking out of the store, I could be overheard saying “Why do I come to Wal Mart?  That is the most disorganized place . . . ”  Just about everything on our list for Wal Mart was gone, a very disappointing start.

Our next stop was to be Old Navy; however, Staples is next door to Old Navy and they had an early bird deal that hubby really wanted but was sure that they had run out of at about 5:05am.  I noticed that the Staples parking lot was empty so we decided to go in and see if they still had it.  We walked right in and snagged the early bird special we wanted!  We were in and out in 5 minutes!

We then headed over to Old Navy.  Hubby needs some new jeans and Old Navy had them for $14.99.  While looking at the huge display of jeans on the wall, hubby turned to me and asked “Don’t they have any NEW jeans?”  Yes, we are officially getting older when all the jeans at Old Navy look “used”!  We didn’t buy any!

After Old Navy, we headed to Lowe’s for some free light timers (after rebate) and $1.49 poinsettias!  Who can turn down $1.49 poinsettias?  Lots of helpful folks at Lowe’s and again we were in and out in no time.

Our last stop was Toys R Us.  They were out of carts and the place was packed, but they did a good job of restocking the shelves.  The line to check out wrapped around the entire store, but it moved fairly quickly.  We got tons of great deals there and even stood in line TWICE!

How did you do on Black Friday?