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I Love Verizon Wireless!
December 5, 2008, 5:05 pm
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After 14 years of having a cell phone, I experienced my first water damage incident. On Wednesday, I dropped my cell phone into a glass of ice tea – don’t ask how, it just happened!

The phone was in the glass no more than 5 seconds and I quickly took the battery out and tried to get it dried off. But to no avail, my phone was fried!

I was extremely irritated with myself on several different levels. First, I had just replaced the battery in my cell phone no less than 2 weeks ago! I know I’m not eligible for an upgrade on the phone til May ’09 so I started thinking that I was going to have to buy a new cell phone – yuck – at full retail price – double yuck!

On Thursday morning I headed to my local Verizon Wireless store, prepared to be told that I would need to buy a new phone at full price. The nice guy in the tech service area took my phone and a toothbrush and some cleaner and attempted to get it working for me again, but he was unsuccessful. He then asked me if I had an old cell phone lying around. I said yes, and he told me to bring it in and he would see about transferring my number back to my old phone!

I returned Friday morning and the same guy was there to help me. I showed him my old phone and within 2 minutes he had my number transfered and my “new” phone working! Not only that, he was able to transfer all of my contacts from my water damaged phone to my “new” working phone! YEAH!

I then asked him if he could test the battery on my “new” phone because, if I remembered correctly, it wasn’t holding a charge. Sure enough, the battery was bad. He then said that the extended batteries for that phone were currently on clearance for about $10!!! You can just imagine how happy that made me!!!

I went from thinking that I was going to have to pay a couple hundred bucks for a new phone to walking out of the Verizon store with a working phone for $10 AND getting to keep all my contacts!! Did I mention that I heart Verizon?