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First Grade Christmas Party
December 22, 2008, 7:00 am
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On Friday, Brad had his Christmas Party at school.  Being the room mom, it was my responsibility to plan the party. 

The teacher asked for a birthday cake for Jesus.  I was so happy that she asked for this, we normally have a birthday party for Jesus at my friend Angie’s house every year in Texas.  But this year I had been wondering what we would do here in Georgia, I realize that we could have done the birthday party at our house with just our family, but it was fun to do it with Brad’s friends at his school!

The kids all brought a wrapped book to do a book exchange.  This was fun and everyone got to go home with a new book!

I used this idea from Family Fun to create these snowman ornaments. 


These were easy for the kids to do.  I had pre-assembled the actual snowmen and the kids added the buttons, nose, mouth, eyes and scarf.  The kids also wrote their names and year on the back.  I found some awesome glue pens at Hobby Lobby that were super easy for the kids to use and did not create a huge glue mess!  The glue pens were on the foam aisle at our local Hobby Lobby and they are glue pens that you simply squeeze to get the glue to come out and the glue dries clear!

We also played a game similar to musical chairs, but instead of the kids moving around, they passed a box around.  I wrapped a small shoe box in Christmas paper and added a pretty bow.  I filled the box with enough candy canes for each child in the class.  The kids all sat in a circle and passed the box around while we played Christmas music.  When the music stopped, whoever was holding the box got to open it up and take a candy cane out!  We played until all the kids had received a candy cane!

It was a fun day and everyone is super excited to be out of school for Christmas!


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Perhaps you should be the preschool teacher!

Comment by feltsdia

Wow! What a great idea in place of musical chairs! Cute idea on it all really!!

Comment by Texasgal

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