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January 5, 2009, 5:29 pm
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I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions.  I think most people tend to set too many, they never seem very attainable and I’ve never know one to last more than a couple of weeks.  However, I do love the thought of a new start, clean slate, and the overall sense of starting fresh with a new year.  With that said, I prefer to set a couple of goals for the new year.  Here are my goals for 2009:

  • Moving my personal devotion time to the morning.  When the boys were younger and taking naps/quiet time I used the afternoons for my own quiet time/devotion time.  Now that they are in school/preschool, I have been feeling the urge for sometime to move my time to the mornings.  This will be a challenging goal.  I’m not much of a morning person; however, I am currently enrolled in Bible Study Fellowship (which I love!).  BSF is set up with daily Bible readings and daily questions to go with each days reading.  It is not an overwhelming amount of reading and I do love the way BSF digs deep into the Word; hopefully, this will keep me motivated!
  • Organize our new home.  This includes creating a new cleaning schedule for THIS house (my old routine is not working in our new home), organizing each room of our house (including the basement) one room at a time and finding organizational tools that work for each room and actually putting them to use 🙂
  • Make a family favorites recipe book for our family.  This will mean doing a better job of menu planning for our family, organizing my current recipes, trying one new recipe each week, tossing the ones that we don’t like and appropiratly filing the ones we do.
  • Allow the children to do more age appropriate chores “home blessings” around the house.  This means that I will have to let up a little on my control and “doing it my way” and allow the children to help keep our home running smoothly.  This has been on my mind for sometime now and as much as I like everything to be done my way, it is more important to teach my boys life skills (i.e. laundry sorting and eventually doing their own!) I will accomplish this by creating a chart for them to use . . . and not “redoing” their work 🙂

I plan on sharing my progress on each of these areas over the year, so be sure and stay tuned in!

What about you, do you make new years resolutions or goals?


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Very seldom…they don’t work!

Comment by feltsdia

Ok, mine is more of a goal too….is that Lauren who is now three will be potty trained before next year. Or she will have to start buying her own diapers. Second goal is to stay focus on God and keep mentally stable through all the chaos! LOL!

Comment by Melissa

Hmm…That’s funny. I actually thought about doing the family favorites recipe book as a Christmas gift to everyone this next year!! Something to think about…
Also, my NY Resolution was to work out…I’ve actually done it every day since Monday!! Ryan, too, he is training to run 5K’s. Such a difference it makes. I’m finally on a routine now that the holidays are over.

Comment by Texasgal

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