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What I’ve been Knitting
January 13, 2009, 7:00 am
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Have you noticed that I haven’t posted a knitting post in awhile?  In fact the last knitting post I had was this one.  Now that Christmas is over I can share what I’ve been knitting! 


I’ve been wanting to learn to knit socks for a long time.  Sheri’s blog  at The Loopy Ewe was the very first blog I ever started reading.  In fact my knitting friend and I bought a DVD to learn to knit socks, but I moved away before we got the chance to watch it.  All knitters that knit socks talk about how awesome they are to knit for several reasons; they are small and portable, you can try out all sorts of patterns, no 2 socks are ever the same, they are enjoyable to wear . . .  Back in October I took full advantage of my local yarn store closing and bought some skeins to try my hand at knitting socks.  The skeins were all 40% off so I decided it would be a good time to try it out.

The fact that I am interested in knitting socks is very funny all in itself.  I HATE buying socks!  I always have.  It just seems like such a waste of money.  My socks have to have 2-3 holes in them before I throw them out.  It’s a huge joke in our family, and last year for Christmas everyone bought me socks and I ended up with about 20 pairs – that’s enough socks for the next decade!

For all of you non-knitters, let me explain that socks can become expensive to knit.  A nice skein of sock yarn is around $25, and one skein makes one pair of socks!  That’s right, I’ve been knitting socks that cost $25 a pair!  And that does not calculate in my time.  In Kari Cornell’s book For the Love of Knitting, A Celebration of the Knitter’s Art, Sigrid Arnott calculates the cost per sock:

“I don’t keep track, but if I spend twenty-five hours knitting a sock and multiply that by minimum wage of $5.15, that sock should cost $128.75.  Considering my years of “training” in the highly technical “field” of knitting, I should earn at least the $17.62 per hour that the federal government sets as the wage for, say, a Cable Splicer (whatever that is, although by the name alone it seems analogous to knitting).  At that rate, my sock’s value skyrockets to $440.50.  And that’s just for one foot.”

Deena, Angie (and soon to be Landis), y’all are wearing $1000 socks!  All the sock knitters were right, I am now totally addicted to knitting socks!  I just wonder why I waited so long to try them out!


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I think this is your funniest post yet! Not only do you reveal things about yourself, such as your sock problem, but you quoted the book I gave you and finally posted some knitting! I even made R read it!

Comment by feltsdia

I will love my 1000.$ socks
thank you!!

Comment by angie

lol! you are so funny! socks& the cost of making them!!! just like the dolls I made a few years ago… I grossed 25 cents each, and it costs me $25 to make them, and many hours!!! But… they were made with love, just like your socks, I am sure!

Comment by ronda

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