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He Speaks My Language!
January 26, 2009, 1:14 pm
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I have a thing for office supplies. I had my first file cabinet at the age of 9.  I have to force myself to avoid all office supply stores, I could spend the whole day in those stores.  I look forward to August every year . . . that’s when you get the best deals on all the wonderful back to school supplies!

I don’t collect anything, I believe most collections clutter up your home.  Plus, when people find out you collect pink cows then that’s all they buy you and then you feel bad telling them you don’t need anymore pink cows so you keep the really ugly pink cows and they just add to the clutter and then you yell at the cows every time you have to dust them!  I prefer to do without collections; however, if I had to collect something it would be office supplies.  Hubby set up a shelf in the basement for me to store all my supplies.  It makes my heart sing!

You can only imagine my delight when he came home last week with 4-5 boxes of office supplies that he got for dirt cheap at an auction!  I was so excited about all the fun stuff that I didn’t even complain that he set all 5 boxes in my spotless kitchen that I had spent the morning cleaning scrubbing.  Because he is such a wonderful hubby, he let me go through the boxes and keep whatever I wanted, the rest is being sold on ebay (he will easily make his money back)!

Here’s what I kept:


Do you see all those labels, binder clips (in all sizes!), highlighters, pencils, really cool erasers, sheet protectors, tab dividers, staples, paperclips and the super cute bar-b-que paper?  That paper just might force me to host a neighborhood cookout this summer!  There were also some large envelopes that we can use and lots of blank paper for the kiddos to draw on!

Hubby knows how to speak my language.  Who needs flowers?  Just bring me office supplies!  (okay, really I do enjoy flowers too 🙂


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I just know the way to make her happy.

Comment by Hubby

Hubby your the best! Number 1 satisfaction for yourself by buying stuff dirt cheap Number 2 plans to make money by reselling it and Number 3 is the kicker “A HAPPY WIFE” all in the same day. Not everyone has that kind of talent.

Comment by Dorothy

How true Granny is! Personally, I’d rather have earrings. 🙂

Comment by feltsdia

there is another jewelry auction this Saturday. But I don’t have any more money to buy things like that. Maybe a bracelet or something. Or better more office supplies.

Comment by Hubby

Seriously, Natalie, you crack me up!

Comment by Leanne

Granny’s message is funny. What are you going to do with all those supplies now? Should I expect a crafty Birthday gift? lol.

Comment by Texasgal

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