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Publix Deals and A Ethical Question
February 25, 2009, 7:00 am
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I was going to skip this weeks shopping trip, but then Publix sent me a $5 off $30 purchase and I just couldn’t turn that down!  The $30 purchase is BEFORE coupons so I got some great deals!

An interesting thing happen with my shredded cheese purchase.  Sargento Shredded Cheese is 2/$4 this week at Publix and I had a .40 coupon that would double making the cheese $1.60 a package (I consider anything under $1.67 a package a good deal since that is the price I can get for Kroger brand cheese). 

My 2 packages of cheese each had a peelie coupon on them for .75 off the cheese when you also purchase an artisan bread.  I wasn’t going to buy any artisan bread so I just left the peelie coupons on the packages.  While I was checking out, the cashier pulled the peelies off and ran the two .75 coupons.  I spoke up and said “I think those are only if I purchase the bread and I didn’t purchase the bread.”  The cashier didn’t say anything and the coupons scanned. 

After everything was scanned and I handed him my stack of coupons and I told him “I have a coupon for the cheese in there that might not go through since there were coupons on the package.”  Well, my .40 coupon did scan and double which means I saved an additional $1.50 on my cheese making the cheese I purchased .85 a package! 

Of course I’m happy to save the extra $1.50 and I know that Publix is still going to get their money for the coupons (to understand how coupons work visit How Stuff Works) but I also pride myself on correctly using coupons.  I don’t knowingly try to slide a coupon through that isn’t what I purchased, is expired or in any other way doesn’t abide by the store policy.

My thought is that I save a lot of money on groceries and I love the challenge of getting the best deal possible, but only if I can do it fairly.  It’s not fun if I have to cheat the store or the manufacturer and honestly that makes it hard to sleep at night. 

So, do you think I did the right thing?  I spoke up not only once, but twice and the cashier chose to scan the coupons and the register didn’t beep (actually, I’ve never heard the register at Publix beep on any coupon).  Looking back at the situation, I could have pulled out my .40 coupon before handing the cashier my stack of coupons but I honestly didn’t think of that while I was standing there.  What would you have done?


Here’s the breakdown:

  • Milk $2.99
  • 2 Ragu Pasta Sauce BOGOF, less .75 coupon = .72 each
  • 2 Ronzoni Pasta BOGOF = .65 each
  • Smithfield Bacon $2.50, less .55 coupon = 1.95
  • Cateloupe $2
  • Strawberries $2.50
  • 3 Coca Cola 2 liters BOGOF = .90 each
  • New York Garlic Breadsticks $2, less .50 coupon doubled = $1
  • 3 Totino’s Pizza Rolls, BOGOF, less 3 .35 coupons all doubled = $1.20 each
  • Glass Plus BOGOF, less .50 coupon, doubled = .25
  • Publix Tortilla Chips, mystery coupon item this week = .01
  • 3 lbs. Ground Beef $2.89/lb
  • 2 Sargento Shredded Cheeses 2/$4, less .40 coupon doubled, less 2 .75 coupon peelies = .85 each

Total Purchased $62.70

Total Savings $37.07

Total OOP $25.63


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Bless your heart that you are so concerned about a coupon. I think that says volumes about your moral character. 🙂 You spoke up and the cashier felt it was no big deal… and did you know that even in the States you can negotiate with retailers over the price of items? Some consider it a social taboo, but it is perfectly legal! Consider this a negotiation! The employee of the store simply accepted your offer of a lower price by accepting both coupons. 🙂

Comment by Carolyn

Carolyn has been listening to Dave Ramsey. I believe she is right. If you had not questioned the situation, it would have been a moral error; however, you did and the results were still in your favor. I consider this the Lord’s favor. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit will tell you how you stand. Ask in prayer!

Comment by feltsdia

Maybe it’s Publix’s policy to let a “cashier error” slide if it’s in the customers favor and to learn from their mistake. You did speak up twice so I would consider it “excellent customer service”.

Comment by Dorothy

I ditto everything everyone else said – you did your part by being honest – TWICE. And the Lord blessed you for it by saving you some additional dollars 🙂

Comment by Leanne

Looks like you are becoming Martha Stewart
great sewing
honesty is in your blood
it can not be taken from you
Speaking of Martha Stewart,
had she had your integrity she would not have gone to jail
But that is not what is important
The important thing is
you sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep well at night

Yes you are the coupon queen
just a question
why not Walmart or Sams

I know just what to get you for Christmas
a big bag of pencils,or paper clips, or ink jet paper. And if you are really good maybe a pink file cabinet.
But thats only if I can find one.

Aunt Sherrie loved your drapes and thanks you for your comments

Love Uncle Jim

Comment by Uncle Jim

Carolyn is dead on!! and Dave Ramsey is a smart guy… I know you can’t believe that DOBBER knows who Dave is… Tell JMcM I said hi!

Comment by Dobber

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