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A New Toy . . . Kind Of
April 22, 2009, 8:37 am
Filed under: Curtains/Sewing Projects


I’m not sure that a new iron counts as a “toy” but if you have to have a iron, this is a great one!

My mom was here for a few weeks helping me make window treatments for our home.  If you’ve ever done any sewing then you know how important a great iron is to your project.  I’ve had the same iron since hubby and I married, 11 years next month (I’ve also had the same ironing board with the same iron pad for 11 years – but we’ll save that for another post!)  The first week my mom was here my iron started smelling like it was burning.  We tried unplugging it, letting it cool off and then plugging it in again, but it started to smell again.  We decided it was time for a new iron.

The next day we were near Costco so I decided we should see what type of irons they carried.  I chose the Sunbeam Professional, 4268.  I realize it’s not possible to be in love with an iron, but I REALLY like the one I got!  It has digital controls, auto shut off, extra long cord and EXCELLENT steam power.  You can even use the iron as a vertical steamer – great for hanging curtains!


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