Bluebonnets To Peaches

My FREE Hydrangea’s
April 24, 2009, 7:00 am
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Aren’t they beautiful?!  I just couldn’t pass these up when I spotted them at Costco this week!  They were a bargain at $19.99, already planted in nice pots.  I needed 2 pots for our front porch which meant spending $40 . . . although I knew this was a great price I just couldn’t decide if I should spend $40 for flowers or not (I don’t typically have a green thumb).  I called hubby on his cell to get his opinion and after sending him a picture of them, he told me to get them! 

So how did I get them for free? . . .

Just this week hubby and I were discussing our Costco membership.  I use to do a lot of shopping at Costco, but since I’ve began using coupons and shopping the sales I’ve found that I can usually beat Costco’s prices except on a few items (I know, I was shocked to discover this too!).  The thing is that I really enjoy shopping there, you just never know what they will have and it’s one of the few stores I can take the boys to without listening to them complain (they enjoy all the snacks and bribing them with a churro at the end of the trip works too!)

We currently have an “executive” membership which earns us 2% back on our purchases throughout the year . . . it also costs $100 whereas the “gold star” membership costs $50.  After talking with hubby, I decided I would check into downgrading our membership to “gold star” and saving $50.  So, after checking out with my hydrangea’s and few other items, I stopped at the member services desk.  The lady there told me that Costco guarantees the extra $50 cost of the “executive” membership, meaning that if you don’t earn a total of $50 on your 2% back every year, Costco will refund you the difference!  I replied with “that’s great, but I’ve already cashed my 2% check for this year.” She surprised me by saying “no problem, we’ll refund you in CASH!”  She preceded to hand me $41 in cash – which covered the cost of the hydrangea’s!

Did I mention I love Costco? 🙂


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You didn’t mention they were free when we talked!

Comment by feltsdia

Only you could have pulled that off.

Comment by Dorothy

Hydrangeas are my fav!

Comment by Carolyn

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