Bluebonnets To Peaches

A Great Deal!
April 29, 2009, 7:00 am
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Do you see all that chicken?  I paid $49 for ALL of it!  We live near a Tyson chicken plant and my neighbor recently told me that you can buy chicken directly from the plant.  I decided to check it out!  The catch is that they take cash only (no big deal since we are Dave Ramsey fans I pay with cash for all our groceries) you also never know what they will have, could be legs, thighs, nuggets, tenders . . .  The day I went I was able to get 20 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast for $29 and 20 pounds of breaded chicken nuggets for $20!  The nuggets are lightly breaded, but the kids seem to like them and haven’t complained!  The chicken breast are great for cooking in the crock pot or shredding for casseroles, they do vary in size so it’s not exactly the same as buying it from the store but the quality seems to be good.  Forty pounds is A LOT of chicken, we have finally plugged in our big freezer in the basement! Yeah!


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That’s a lot of chicken…

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