Bluebonnets To Peaches

Our First Harvest
July 29, 2009, 7:00 am
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Our garden has been doing really well, especially for our first try at it!  I think the bell peppers have done the best, we have harvested 3 bell peppers so far and they were delicious!  Sorry, but I didn’t get a picture of them before we added them to our kabobs for dinner!  But they were delicious!

Here’s a picture of our not so great onions:

July 001

The onion stems were looking so good while they were growing, but I think I didn’t plant them deep enough.  Most of the onions were sticking out above ground and looked like they were done growing (the stems had all turned) so I pulled them all.  I’m going to cook them up to see how they taste, but I wish they were a bit bigger.

We thought our cucumbers were doing GREAT and just getting really big, but we discovered that they were actually overripe!  They must have riped while we were gone on vacation and by the time we got back they were overripe and we just thought they were getting huge!  I’m hoping we’ll be able to harvest at least a couple of cucumbers so we can try them!

The carrots are looking great, but not ready yet!


A Cute Shower Curtain
July 27, 2009, 7:00 am
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A friend of a friend asked me to make a shower curtain and matching towels for her children’s bathroom.  She came over one day and showed me the full size flat sheet that she had bought and asked if I could turn it into a shower curtain.  She had also purchased a matching pillowcase and 2 towels and wanted to see what I could do with those.

Here’s the result:

July 003

The full size flat sheet was actually the perfect size to work with! However, if you want to try this idea yourself, I would advise you to make sure that the sheet is squared off and the that the pattern is not off printed.  Most sheets are not squared and you may have to cut too much off trying to square it up.  I added 3/4″ grommets to the top and used the liner to make sure they were lined up.

Here are the towels:

July 006

I cut out the fish from the pillowcase and used “wonder under” to adhere them to the towels.  Although you can’t see it in the picture, I stitched around the fish in red thread.  I think they make a nice addition to the shower curtain!

This is an easy and inexpensive way to update a bathroom!

One Year Anniversary
July 24, 2009, 1:25 pm
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One year ago today we arrived in Georgia!  In some ways I can’t believe it’s already been a year but yet when I remember “living” in a small hotel room for the first 8 weeks while we looked for a home it feels like that experience was forever ago!

Although I feel blessed to have had a place to stay while we looked for a home and didn’t feel rushed to buy the first house we looked at, I still have no desire to see the inside of another hotel room for quite awhile!  However, when you stay at one hotel for 2 months, you do acquire A LOT of hotel points to use towards free stays!

After our first year here in Georgia I’ve discovered a few things:

  • Georgia is really very pretty.  There are A LOT of trees. When we first arrived I was a little irritated with all the trees because I couldn’t see where anything was!  In Texas you can drive down the freeway and see all of the restaurants or stores and decide where you want to go and just drive towards the store.  In Georgia you have to know where you are going, or actually pay attention to the blue signs on the highway that tell you which exits have food!  Now that I’ve learned my way around I’ve also learned to enjoy the scenery and take it all in!
  • The people in Georgia are VERY friendly!  Within a couple weeks of moving into our new home, we had met all of our neighbors!  The friendliness also spills over into the way people drive here in Georgia.  I think that people here drive VERY fast; however, I’ve never had a problem merging into traffic, Georgians are courteous drivers. (Just for the record, Texans are also some of the friendliest people around!)
  • The climate in Georgia is really nice.  I know many people refer to it as “Hotlanta” but hubby and I both just laugh when people here complain of the heat! Yes it can be humid, but 85 and humid does not equal 105 degree heat! And besides it gets humid because it rains here . . . during the summer!  In Texas it might not rain for weeks and weeks . . . and weeks during the summer!  This is also why there are not as many trees in North Texas!  I did get cold during the winter, but it gave us a good reason to use our fireplace!
  • I was shocked to discover that Georgians do not drink an abundance of sweet tea!  When you visit a restaurant you are offered sweet or non-sweet tea, but I always envisioned Georgians sitting on their front porches with big glasses of sweet tea.  The first time I hosted my book study group at our home here in Georgia I made 2 pitchers of sweet tea because I didn’t want to run out!  To my surprise NOBODY drank the sweet tea, everyone had just plain water!
  • Tennis is a very big deal here!  Most neighborhoods have tennis courts and neighborhood teams. 
  • Women wear bikinis to the swimming pool . . . as in women that have had children and they look good in the bikinis!  I’m assuming this is because they all play tennis . . . and to make myself feel better I’m also assuming that none of them had 9 pound babies 🙂

Overall, I like it here in Georgia. It’s not Texas, but then again there is nowhere like Texas!  I do miss our family back home and I do miss the awesome tex-mex but I think we are adjusting fairly well to our new state!