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A Proud Parenting Moment
December 16, 2009, 7:00 am
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Raising children is hard work.  Days, weeks and months go by and you wonder if you’re doing a “good” job raising them. (I’ve heard that in when they hit the teenage stage, years can go by where you wonder what kind of job you’re doing, but since our oldest is only 7 I can’t comment on that stage!)

Occasionally you witness one of your children do something without being asked or reminded and you think to yourself  “hey, we are doing a decent job!” In the toddler years it could be the first time your child says “thank you” without being reminded! In the preschool years it could be watching them share a toy with another child! As a parent you just beam at these special moments!

I recently experienced such a moment with our oldest son. We recently sold a ton of stuff on ebay and had over 20+ packages being picked up by our mailman in one day! It happen to be cold and raining the day the pick up was scheduled, so when I saw the mailman drive up I put on my coat and went outside to help load up all the boxes. A few minutes later our oldest son comes out WITH HIS COAT ON (he hates putting on his coat so this in itself was a proud moment!) and then helps me and the mailman load up all the packages! I didn’t ask, he saw an opportunity to help and just jumped right in!  I was so proud and I’m still beaming from the moment!


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Comment by feltsdia

That’s awesome! I’m so proud of him. 🙂

Comment by Texasgirl

I’m not surprised he helped it’s wearing his coat..OMG!

Comment by Dorothy

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