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2009 Grocery Savings
January 6, 2010, 7:00 am
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The grand totals are in!

We purchased a total of $5,709.51 in groceries and household toiletries in 2009, and saved $2,162.15 by using coupons and matching those coupons to weekly sales items bringing our total out-of-pocket for groceries in 2009 to $3,547.36

This total brings our groceries to $295.61/month.  This is a bit higher than my $200/month projection; however, I have found that the overage was spent at Costco most months and usually on convenience items (i.e. easy snacks for the kids!).  Since going back to work part-time, it has been important to keep easy snacks around for the kids to grab on their own.  I’m willing to increase the grocery budget a bit more in order to stock up on some of these items.  It means less stress for me and no last-minute runs through the drive through which ultimately saves our family money!

I’m proud of how much we saved in this area of our budget over the past year! This is quite a change from my old ways of grocery shopping.  In the past I didn’t know how much I spent on food and household items, I just bought what I thought we needed and justified whatever the cost was by saying “we have to eat!”  When I finally decided to keep track of what I spent at the grocery store, I discovered that I spent anywhere from $600-$800/month.  I started to read all I could about saving money on groceries and then started applying what I had learned!  I had no idea you could get toothpaste for FREE!  My eyes were opened and I haven’t looked back!

Our grocery budget for 2010 will be $300/month and I will continue to chart our savings in the new year!  I hope you have been inspired to continue or start this way of grocery shopping!  You will be amazed at the money you can save and $2,162.15 sounds like a nice vacation waiting for our family!


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I have to admit I had slacked off with using coupons..after reading this I’m getting back to using coupons..

Comment by Dorothy

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