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A Nicely Organized Shoe Closet
January 16, 2010, 1:09 pm
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We have a closet right off our garage door entrance that was designed as a second pantry closet, but I always envisioned using it as a shoe/jacket/bag hanging closet. Shortly after moving in I took out the wire shelfs and put in nice hooks – one for each family member.  About 6 months after that I purchased a shelf to put our shoes on since they were just being thrown into the closet, but after putting the shelf together it wouldn’t fit in the closet.  I was irritated and I really haven’t touched the closet since then.  And when I neglect a closet this is what happens:


I received a couple Target gift cards from my students for Christmas so I decided to use them to buy a few things to help organize this mess of a closet!  Having an organized place for everyone to drop their bags, jackets and shoes definitely makes me happy!

First I took everything out of the closet and separated the items by what we use the most often.  This is not a large space and the idea is for this closet to contain items that we use on a daily basis – an easy space to grab from when walking out the door and an easy space to put things away when coming home.

Next I headed to Target and purchased a hanging basket for the top of the closet and a smaller shelf that would fit in the bottom to put our shoes on!  We really keep the majority of our shoes in our bedroom closets, but the boys each keep their tennis shoes in the “shoe closet” and mommy gets to keep one pair of slip on shoes in the shoe closet also.

After that was in place, I hung up our most used bags on the hooks.  The boys each get their own hook to hang their school bag and jacket on.  The top hooks hold a few of mommy’s bags.  I also hung our library book bag on one side and my publix shopping bags on the other side.  Here’s what the bottom half of the closet now looks like:

The top shelf now holds a basket for our winter items (hats, gloves scarfs . . . ), a second basket with reuseable bags and our swimming bag packed and ready for the pool.

Below the shelf hangs the new basket that only has one purpose – to hold my coupon binder!  I put a lot of thought into whether my coupon binder needed its own space.  It gets used A LOT and if I don’t have a specific place for it to go then it gets left around the kitchen and drives me nuts.  So I decided it was worth purchasing a basket just for my binder! 

 Here’s the top of the closet:

I’m happy with the way the shoe closet now looks! Everything is now off of the floor and it’s funcitional!  Do you have a “shoe closet” in your home?  If so, how do you keep it organized?